Battery Myths….

3 battery myths debunked

Our phones are a big part of our daily lives, and yet we tend not to think too much about the part that keeps it running – its battery.

With so much information out there about battery health, we’ve decided to set the record straight by busting three popular myths that may be doing your battery more harm than good!
Myth #1: Don’t leave your phone plugged in overnight

Back in the day, overcharging your phone could shorten your battery’s lifespan. But these days, batteries are a lot smarter and can regulate the electrical current to ensure no damage is being done.
Myth #2: Drain your battery before charging it

Charging your battery all the way from zero to 100% is actually worse for the health of your battery than charging it in shorter cycles. The rule of thumb is to try to keep your battery north of 50%.
Myth #3: Turning off Wi-Fi saves battery life

In the past, keeping Wi-Fi on consumed a lot of battery, so turning it off when you weren’t using it made sense. But now, the amount of power that Wi-Fi uses while idling is insignificant.

Wi-Fi actually uses less power than mobile data, so you’ll save battery by connecting to it whenever possible!

Now that you know how to charge your battery, your phone can live a long and healthy life!

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