Carpii’s wacky 4-wheel stepper bike raises eyebrows

The Carpii 4ciclet's fairly narrow frontal profile makes it reasonably nimble in trafficThe Carpii 4ciclet’s fairly narrow frontal profile makes it reasonably nimble in traffic (Credit: Carpii)
Here’s an odd little commuting curiosity from Romania called the Carpii 4ciclet. It’s a four-wheeled stepper cycle targeted at older riders that transfers most of the pedaling work from the quads over to the calves, back, abs and backside. It’s creator claims it’s a particularly energy efficient design, but it sure looks odd to ride.
Carpii 4ciclet: an unique way to get aroundCarpii 4ciclet: the addition of a basket gives you some luggage space
One stands upon the 4ciclet’s angled footboards, either resting on the seat or standing up for a bit of extra pedal power, and pushes down with alternate heels to get the thing going. Each pedal is connected to a lever that pushes down and directly applies torque to one of the 12-inch wheels, like so:

It’s a single speed device, adding to mechanical simplicity but restricting the speed range. The designer says he’s tested it from walking pace up to 32 km/h (20 mph) thus far, and that you need to stand up and give it a bit of gumboot to get up a hill.

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