Smart jewelry that sends out a call for help claims $1 million Women’s Safety XPrize

Safer Pro, built into a wristwatch-like device –

A discreet piece of smart jewelry that sends an alert to loved ones and tracks her location when a woman feels in danger has taken out the US$1 million XPrize for Women’s Safety, the foundation has announced today.

Launched in 2016, the Anu & Naveen Jain Women’s Safety XPrize was a global competition that asked teams to come up with a device that automatically and discreetly triggers alerts when a woman believes she’s in danger. Among the criteria was a need for the alert to be received within 90 seconds of being triggered, and the device must cost less than US$40 a year for the user.

The team at India’s Leaf Wearables responded to this with a small chip called Safer Pro that pairs with the user’s smartphone over Bluetooth. The team has demonstrated it in pieces of jewelry and sold tens of thousands of units in India already, but says that the chip could be built into any kind of device.

The chip comes equipped with an emergency alert button, and when pressed twice by the user a notification is sent to predetermined contacts, along with the user’s location.

It can also offer navigation to the nearest hospitals and police stations, and constantly share the user’s live location while they walk as a precautionary measure. The device can be fully charged via Micro USB in 15 minutes, with each full charge offering seven days of normal usage.

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