Hurricanes are Becoming More Dangerous

Image result for hurricane images from NASA

A growing body of research is showing that hurricanes are becoming more dangerous. A recent analysis by noted climate scientists, though not a peer-reviewed study, suggested that even as the winds that move hurricanes along are getting weaker, the winds inside hurricanes are getting stronger.

The threats aren’t limited to those who live along coastlines.

Freshwater flooding is particularly dangerous because that happens inland and people don’t typically evacuate,” Kossin said. “If you live in a place with any sort of mountainous area — or any topography at all, really — then you have that compound danger of mudslides. As it’s turning out, it’s the freshwater flooding that poses the highest mortality risk nowadays in certain regions.”

(Kossin is James Kossin, a climate scientist with the National Centers for Environmental Information at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.)

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