Aerovelo tops human-powered speed record with 89.59 mph bullet bike

The Aerovelo Eta uses a bullet-shaped shell to cut
            through the air
The Aerovelo Eta uses a bullet-shaped shell to cut through the air.

Aerovelo has set a new human-powered speed record using its specially designed aero bike. Running at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge in Battle Mountain, Nevada, the egg-shaped Aerovelo Eta managed to hit 89.59 mph (144.17 km/h).

As is often the case with record attempts, things didn’t go perfectly to plan, early on. The weather in Nevada was cooler, and the winds higher, than expected, and there were lots of bugs around. A run on Thursday yielded 87.6 mph (140.98 km/h), before a bug spattered on the front of the bullet-shaped shield ruined the team’s Friday run.

Finally, with temperatures on the rise, an anti-bug coating applied to the bike’s shell and some extra oil on the bearings, the team nailed a new, 89.59 mph (144.17 km/h) record, usurping its 2015 record by 2.94 mph (4.73 km/h) in the process.

The team at Aerovelo will continue to refine the Eta over the coming year, with the goal of beating its own record next year.

Check out footage of the Aerovelo Eta breaking through 88 mph, complete with a nod to Back to the Future, below.

Source: Aerovelo

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