From alien architecture to neon water reflections, the last 12 months have delivered a stunning array of photographic treats. To celebrate the new year we have hand-picked a collection of the most mind-bending, sublime, and spectacular photographs we’ve been treated to in 2018.

As drones have become increasingly accessible the field of drone photography has exploded with a variety of incredible aesthetics. Some of the most impressive drone photos this year came from German photographer Kevin Krautgartner. Alongside two striking collections offering surreal aerial perspectives on mining in Australia, Krautgartner also chronicled his long car journeys to often remote sites via a series of drone snaps from above.

The Long Journey series documents Kevin Krautgartner's travels to remote locations. Each image captures a snap...

Spanish artist Al Mefer’s psychedelic photography was also a 2018 highlight. His Deserts of the Future and Alien Architecture collections took earthly sights and transformed them into surreal otherworldly visions. A Russian photographer known as Local Preacher also embraced neon-drenched psychedelia this year, particularly in a collection called Liquid Portals focusing on the colorful abstractions found in water reflections.

Al Mefer's Alien Architecture collection (Credit: Al Mefer Behance (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0))

The last 12 months also served up compelling geometric ice patterns, massive solar power plants, gothic South African nightscapes, and foggy Dubai vistas. Take a look through our gallery to trip through some of the more astonishing images captured in 2018.

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