When launched in 2017, the KO1 monowheel scooter – a kind of cross between a Segway and a Solowheel – offered a range of 20 miles and a top speed of 20 mph. The KO1+ has a very similar look to the original, but is quite a different animal.

Kiwano’s latest monowheel features LG battery cells stowed away in the scooter’s handlebar stem for 25 miles (40 km) of range for every one hour on charge. The 1,000 watt hub motor tops out at just 12 mph (19 km/h), which is less than the original but should be zippy enough for most riders. It should be able to tackle 30 percent inclines though.

Constructed from carbon fiber, flexi poly-carbonate and zinc alloy for a premium feel, IP54 weather resistance and durability, the KO1+ rides on a chunky tire that’s ready for grass, sand, dirt or pavement, with shock suspension to smooth out any bumps along the way.

Buyers can choose between urban and all-terrain tire versions of the KO1+ electric monowheel

The company’s Auto Deck Smart Control System is reported to make riding fairly straightforward – just step on the slip-resistant, fold-out foot pegs, lean forward and off you go. As with similar setups, the rider leans left or right to turn and back to come to a stop.

LEDs light top front and bottom back, an LCD display shows battery status, speed and trip info, and there’s a built-in, fold-down kickstand. A companion app allows for customization, such as changing handling modes, setting launch angle and can even activate a follow-me mode. The app can also serve as a digital key for peace of mind security.

Available now for US$1,299, buyers can choose urban or all-terrain tires, as well as optional accessories like an actioncam mount, additional charger and Kiwano helmet. The video below has more.

Product page: Kiwano KO1+

(For the source of this article, and to watch a video of the Kiwano in action, please visit: https://newatlas.com/kiwano-ko1-plus-electric-monowheel/58869/)