Thanks to advances in both LED and Bluetooth technology, we’ve recently been seeing a slew of wearable bicycle-safety lighting products. The Wayv system, from a British startup of the same name, brings some interesting new features to the mix.

Incorporating a total of over 200 LEDs, Wayv consists of three waterproof components … there’s an adjustable harness that fits over a backpack or jacket, a helmet unit that attaches to the rear air vents of most third-party helmets, and a handlebar-mounted wireless remote. The harness and helmet unit both have a large red X in the middle, which serves as a tail light, plus there are amber turn indicators to either side. The harness has a set of indicators on the front, as well.

The remote is used to activate the turn signals. Unlike the case with some other systems, however, it doesn’t utilize push-buttons. Instead, users flick a thumb lever either up or down to indicate left or right turns, then return it to its neutral middle position to turn the indicators off. In case riders lose track, an illuminated display shows which indicator (if either) is currently blinking.

The Wayv remote's thumb-lever design reportedly allows users to operate the unit without removing their hand...

According to the system’s designers, the remote’s thumb-lever design allows users to operate the unit without removing their hand from the handlebar grip. It’s also a bit like automotive indicator controls, which people are used to from driving their cars.

It should be noted that there isn’t a brake light feature, though, which some other systems do have.

But yes, there is an app. It allows users to initially sync the system, plus it lets them turn the harness or helmet unit on or off, adjust their brightness, switch them between steady and flashing modes, and check their battery levels.

The Wayv harness also has turn indicators on the front

On the subject of batteries, one USB charge reportedly ought to be good for five days of use for the harness (at 30 minutes per day), one week of use for the helmet unit, and two weeks for the remote.

Should you be interested in getting a Wayv setup of your own, it will be the subject of a Kickstarter campaign launching next Monday (Mar. 11). That project will be accessible via the link below. A pledge of £75 (about US$98) will get you a complete system, when and if it reaches production. The planned retail price is £140 ($182).

Source: Wayv

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