Action stations for 2019 Red Bull Illume photography competition

Photographer Micky Wiswedel snapped climber Jamie Smith airborne above Cape Town to win the "Wings "...
Photographer Micky Wiswedel snapped climber Jamie Smith airborne above Cape Town to win the “Wings ” category of the Red Bull Illume Image Quest in 2016.  (Credit: Micky Wiswedel/Red Bull Illume).

Not so long ago, most photographers had to be selective when shooting due to the cost of film, but the advent of digital cameras has made it easier than ever to catch moments that would otherwise have been missed – which is a particular boon for action photography. Recognizing this, in 2006 Red Bull came up with the idea for its Illume Image Quest devoted to digital action and adventure sports photography. The call has now been put out for photographers to get their action-packed images in for the 5th edition of the competition.

Since 2007 Red Bull Illume Image Quest has highlighted creative and captivating images from around the globe every three years, but from this year on it will be held every two years, in response to growing interest in photography around the world (the competition attracted 34,624 images by 5,646 photographers from 120 countries in 2016).

This year the competition sees the addition of two new categories; Best of Instagram by SanDisk, which will see adventure and action sports pic entries posted in Instagram judged each month, and the Moving Image category, which will accept video sequences of five to 30 seconds in length. This takes the total number of categories to 11, with a winner from each category and an overall winner to be selected from 55 finalists and unveiled at the awards ceremony in November.

Those winners will share in over US$100,000 in prizes, so if you want to throw your photographic hat in the ring for a slice, head over to the Red Bull Illume site for more info and submit your images. And if you want an idea of what gets the judges’ attention, check out our gallery for some of the past winners.

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