In its 12th year the iPhone Photography Awards presents a collection of winning images that highlight the incredible quality of modern smartphone photography. Anchored by a beautiful grand-prize-winning shot of two children in Tanzania, the unique competition cements the omnipresence of iPhones and their ability to quickly capture fleeting moments larger cameras could easily miss.

Spanning a massive 18 categories and thousands of entries from over 140 countries, the IPPAWARDS not only features photographs of a quality matching any other serious competition around the globe, but also showcases images with a sense of spontaneity that only a small on-hand smartphone could capture.

Grand Prize Winner, Photographer of the Year. Big Sister, Zanzibar, iPhone X. “Last year I spent...

Perhaps, more than other photographic competitions, this collection of images feels like a unique chronicle of wonderful transitory moments in time, existing solely due to the fact that so many people now have these amazing smartphone cameras within reach at all times.

1st Place, Architecture. Janta Manta Observatory, Jaipur, India, iPhone X. “Janta Manta Observatory is very sci-fi...

Unlike the broader Mobile Photography Awards, the IPPAWARDS only accepts entries taken on iPhone or iPad devices. While, unsurprisingly, many winning entries this year were taken with the more current iPhone X or XS models, a large number of impressive, and awarded, entries were taken with older models going back as far as the iPhone 6.

3rd Place, Children. Untitled. Peak Rail, Derbyshire, iPhone XS Max. “My two year old son, Gabriel,...

Memorable highlights from the wide variety of winners include a perfectly timed shot of a pigeon flying across the facade of the Janta Manta Observatory in Jaipur, a gorgeously composed shot of a child’s face looking out the window of a steam train, and a lovely snap of a bather in a striped shirt on a Portugal beach.

Take a look through our gallery at all of the fantastic winners in the 2019 competition.


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