CrossJack brings greater stability and safety to changing a tire

The CrossJack features a cross-shaped base for improved stabilityThe CrossJack features a cross-shaped base for improved stability.  w 3 Image.

The thump, thump, thump of a flat tire is a sound that is sure to wreck anyone’s day. Fighting the elements and getting a lungful of exhaust fumes from passing vehicles are big enough hassles, but the seemingly simple act of changing a tire can also be downright dangerous. Each year, around 10,000 people in the US alone suffer a serious injury when using a jack or other type of hoist, so unstable jacks are an obvious cause for concern.

Well, worry no more because a startup from Florida has created the perfect solution that revolutionizes emergency car repair. CrossJack is an innovative car jack with a design that is beautiful in its simplicity, but like nothing the market has ever seen. Rather than the small footprint of conventional jacks, the base of the Crossjack is shaped in a cross to ensure ultimate stability.

The base is made of 3/8” steel and has a large footprint for maximum stabilization of vehicles. It provides several square feet of stabilization instead of just a few square inches like the typical scissor jack commonly found under the spare tire in most cars right now. It is almost impossible to knock a car off of CrossJack because of how sturdy and stable it is, yet it is so easy to use and functions the same as a traditional car jack.

The CrossJack's base is made of 3/8” steel

The CrossJack’s base is made of 3/8” steel

CrossJack was born from an experience that the company CEO, Ford Flippin, had while he was in his third year of medical school. A patient came in after a car had fallen on him because of a failing car jack and it ended up being the first time Ford had to deliver the terrible news to a family that they had lost a loved one. As well as deaths, doctors also have to deal with patients that have sustained serious injuries that will affect them for the rest of their lives, such as traumatic brain injuries and loss of limbs. Flippin hopes that his invention will help prevent such tragedies.

CrossJack can be placed in the same spot that the scissor jack sits in cars today. The bottom part of the base moves from being parallel to the cross to perpendicular, delivering maximum stability. Yet despite the extra security, it weighs about the same amount as a typical scissor jack.

This is such a simple and easy way to prevent so many potential traumas. Those who are interested in getting their hands on this innovative product at a huge discount can head over to the CrossJack campaign page here.

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CrossJack | Innovative Safe Car Jack

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