The rule-breaking winners of the 2020 Creative Photography Awards

Focusing on the weird and experimental, the 2020 Creative Photo Awards aims to set new trends and reward visionary artists. This year’s winners are no exception, bending photographic techniques and processes to deliver some truly spectacular works of art.

The Creative Photo Awards is a smaller contest run by the same team managing the annual Siena International Photo Awards. The goal of this competition is to reward extreme experimentation, and to that end, there are no rules limiting how much a photographer can digitally manipulate their image.

“In this competition, everyone is free to use any technique,” the contest directions note. “Only the final effect counts. We break all the rules, and we want you to break them with us by creating new trends in art.”

Overall Winner. 'Ping Pong Training'

Overall Winner. ‘Ping Pong Training’  Hardijanto Budiman

Out of more than 24,000 submissions, spanning 16 categories, the overall top prize went to Indonesian photographer Hardijanto Budiman. His winning shot, titled Ping Pong Training, puts a sci-fi spin on his favorite sport, while another of Budiman’s entries featuring a compelling stand-off between two cats claimed a runner-up spot in the Animals/Pets category.

Runner-Up, Animals/Pets. 'Who Owns The Fish'

Runner-Up, Animals/Pets. ‘Who Owns The Fish’  Hardijanto Budiman

Other highlights include Bangladeshi photographer Mohammed Shajahan’s Architecture-category winning shot showing the intensity of local living quarters during a COVID-19 lockdown; a mischievous food-based play on a common overhead drone shot; and an amusing shot titled Scaredy Cat, playing on the cliche of jumping up onto a chair out of fear from a mouse.

Commended, Animals/Pets. 'Scaredy Cat'

Commended, Animals/Pets. ‘Scaredy Cat’  Annie Ballantine

Take a look through our gallery at more highlights from this incredibly creative photo contest.

Source: Creative Photo Awards

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