Majesty of nature on full display in the best landscape photos of 2020

'Lightning and wind'. Zeebrugge, Belgium ‘Lightning and wind’. Zeebrugge, Belgium.  @oliviervandeginste

'A sunrise with some fog and tulips is great. With a windmill in the distance, it's epic'. Alkmaar, NetherlandsTulips, fog and windmill, Nederland.  @nick_skeyes

'Ice cave'. Lake Baikal Caves, Russia

‘Ice cave’. Lake Baikal Caves, Russia.  @poul_t

Another highlight comes from Russian photographer Pavel Tokarev, offering a rare glimpse into the ice caves of Lake Baikal in southern Siberia. Tokarev says the caves are only accessible for a short time every year when the lake freezes over.

“You can’t reach the caves during summer, even by boat – the only way to get in is to wait for the winter to freeze all the water, so you can access them by foot,” says Tokarev. “There was ice all around, hanging from the ceiling and streaming along the walls. It felt like there was a mirror spreading along the ground.”

'Chư Đăng Ya volcano'. Chư Đăng Ya, VietnamChu Dang Ya volcano, Vietnam.  @hoacarol

'Tre Cime'. Tre Cime, Dolomites, Italy

‘Tre Cime’. Tre Cime, Dolomites, Italy.  @ghislainfave

Other impressive images from the strong collection include a gorgeously surreal view on the iconic windmills of the Netherlands; an unbelievable shot of a tiny isolated church in Italy’s Dolomites; and a mind-bending shot of powerful lightning right next to a tiny wind farm.

'The anaconda ice cave'. Vatnajökull, IcelandThe Anaconda Ice Cave, Vatnajokull, Iceland.  @jeffreyjkieffer

'Gate to heaven'. IndonesiaGate to Heaven, Indonesia.  @makyandmatt

'Some of the most unique landscapes I’ve ever seen'. Ship Rock, New Mexico, USA‘Some of the most unique landscapes I’ve evere seen.’  Ship Rock, New Mexico, USA.  @leemumford8

Take a look through our gallery at more amazing highlights from Agora’s Landscape2020 contest.

Source: Agora

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