Tiny ThermBot returns contactless temperature readings in under a second

ThermBot displays readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius
ThermBot displays readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius

2020 Aug 12

It’s never been more important to be able to quickly and accurately take your temperature, and the ThermBot provides that capability in a device that is smaller and smarter than other thermometers on the market. Compact enough to slip in a pocket or even put on a keychain, the ThermBot can be taken anywhere to provide temperature readings instantly.

Unlike old-school thermometers that need to be placed under your tongue for anywhere from 30 seconds to three minutes, the ThermBot is a contactless device that returns a result in under a second. Just hold it up to your forehead, push the button on the side, and an infrared sensor reads your temperature, which is displayed in large, easy-to-read figures. Readings can also be easily toggled between Fahrenheit and Celsius by pressing the side button for 2.5 seconds.

ThermBot provides quick and accurate temperature readings contact-free

ThermBot provides quick and accurate temperature readings contact-free

The ThermBot connects with phones, tablets or even powerbanks via USB-C for all its power requirements, meaning it never needs batteries. It’s compatible with current Android devices, or older Android phones and tablets and iPhones using a simple adapter – both of which are included with the ThermBot. The inbuilt Type-C connector slides out using an elegant slider button on the rear of the ThermBot, so there’s no need for a protective cap that could easily be lost.

But the ThermBot is more than just a thermometer. Thanks to its inbuilt Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chip, ThermBot is a smart Internet of Things (IoT) device that can connect wirelessly to smartphones and smart-home devices for easy integration with your favorite wellness tracking apps and smart assistants.

Compatibility with the IFTTT protocol even allows you to create your own “applets” for quick and meaningful interpretation of the data or to trigger notifications based on the readings.

Because ThermBot is non-invasive and takes a reading at a distance of 0.4 to 1.9 inches (1 to 5 cm) from the subject’s head, you can take the temperature of children even when they’re asleep. A low-volume beep indicates if the temperature reading is successful, while a slightly different low-volume sound is emitted if you need to try again.

ThermBot measures just 2.23 x 1.26 x 0.45 inches (56.8 x 32 x 11.6 mm) and weighs just 0.8 oz (22.7 g). Despite being tiny, the device is built to withstand the rigors of repeated use.

Learn more about ThermBot and grab one for yourself here.

The Thermometer: Smaller. Instant. Smarter. ThermBot.ai

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