The Rig is made for wheelchair users who wanna rough it

Its makers describe The Rig as being "Not a Wheelchair"
Its makers describe The Rig as being “Not a Wheelchair”

Just because someone has limited mobility, does that mean they should be limited to traversing smooth pavement? Not according to husband-and-wife team Zack and Cambry Nelson, who are now marketing their off-road motorized “wheelchair.”

Known as The Rig and made mainly from bicycle parts, the vehicle was initially developed by Zack to help Cambry take part in their outdoor adventures.

It features an aluminum frame with detachable bumpers, a padded adjustable seat, a 1,000-watt ebike motor linked to the rear axle by a chain drive, dual steering handles, front hydraulic disc brakes, plus 4-inch-wide fatbike tires on each of its four wheels. Front and rear independent suspension is an optional extra, as is a second lithium battery for added range.

The whole thing measures 5 ft long by 32 inches wide by 41 in tall (1,524 by 812 by 1,041 mm), and tips the scales at a claimed 120 lb (54 kg) – that’s with the suspension package, and a single battery. One charge of that battery should reportedly be good for a range of 10 to 20 miles (16 to 32 km), depending on usage and rider weight. The Rig has a maximum payload capacity of 225 lb (102 kg), and a top speed of 12 mph (19 km/h).

Seen here carrying a regular wheelchair, The Rig is being manufactured in partnership with Utah Trikes

Seen here carrying a regular wheelchair, The Rig is being manufactured in partnership with Utah Trikes.  Not-a-Wheelchair

It should be noted that the electronics are not waterproof, so the vehicle should only be used in dry conditions. And while it can’t accommodate a second passenger in the back, it does have a cargo-mounting system that allows gear such as camping supplies, a cooler or a conventional wheelchair to be brought along for the ride.

The Rig is now available for pre-order in a choice of seven frame colors, with prices starting at US$4,750. For reference, some other electric off-road wheelchairs we’ve seen are priced at $10,000 or more.

Shipping is planned to take place in November. You can see The Rig in action, in the following video.

This is ‘Not a Wheelchair’ – Introducing The Rig

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