The Reason Why Huskies Like to Talk

Some dog breeds rarely make a sound. Others never shut up. Huskies are most definitely in the second category. As anyone who’s ever met one will tell you, huskies like to talk. A lot. Sometimes they howl, sometimes they whine. Other times they chatter. From time to time, they might even sing (yep, it’s a ‘thing’). Mostly, it’s easy enough to tell what they’re saying. If it’s their breakfast time and you’re still in bed, it’s not hard to work out what those howls are about. Neither is it exactly challenging to understand all those excited yaps when you pull on your shoes and get the leash out of the draw.

But when a dog talks to the extent a husky does, working out why they make quite so much noise, and what they’re saying when they do, can be a head scratcher. The good news is that if your husky is constantly bending your ear off with their chatter, it’s because they love you enough to see you as part of their family. The bad news is that no matter how well you know your husky, you’re never going to understand each and every utterance they make. But that’s no reason not to try. Next time your husky starts chatting, it could be:

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