Bizarre treehouse surrounds hotel guests with feathery friends

The retreat will be raised above the ground using existing pine trees in the remote forested site and will be accessed by a suspended bridge. It will feature a mostly glazed exterior, which will be broken up by the wooden birdhouses of varying size and shape, carefully chosen to be suitable for different types of birds.

The interior will measure a snug 34 sq m (365 sq ft) and is reminiscent of BIG’s A45 tiny house with its tasteful dark hues and carefully considered space-saving furniture. It will include a sofa and hammock chair on the ground floor, as well as a bathroom and basic kitchenette, while a mezzanine bedroom will be accessed by ladder.

Biosphere's interior will include a lounge area, as well as a loft bedroom and a bathroom

Biosphere’s interior will include a lounge area, as well as a loft bedroom and a bathroom.  BIG

One potential issue is that all those birds will presumably mean a lot of bird poop nearby too, but BIG has looked into it and expects the exterior to remain mostly clean.

“I got to spend a few days and nights in some of the Treehotel rooms right before the pandemic, and left with a sense of rejuvenation from complete immersion into nature,” said BIG founder Bjarke Ingels. “I couldn’t help wondering if there was a way to take the immersion one step further – and almost instantly the idea of inviting not only the human visitors but also the resident bird and bat population to cohabit a spherical swarm of nests came to life. After our first conversations with Ulf Öhman from Norrbotten Ornithological Association we were relieved to learn that birds don’t drop where they nest – so there is hope for the glass to remain clear within this cloud of aviary architecture.”

Biosphere is expected to be completed and open for visitors later this year. We’ve no word on how much it will cost to stay yet.

Source: BIG

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