Specialized’s workhorse ebikes incentivize bike rides over car rides

Load up all your favorite cacti (or something that makes sense to carry on a bike) and hit the city streets via ebike instead of motor vehicle.  Specialized

By C.C. Weiss
2022 May 10

Specialized is no stranger to the ebike market, having a full decade of experience selling its own ebikes. Some of those electrified bi-wheelers have ranked among the lightest, sleekest electric road bikes and fastest, most powerful electric mountain bikes the world over. Few of them would be what we’d call “affordable.”

We don’t know if Globe bikes will be truly affordable for the average cyclist or commuter, but Specialized does stress attainability as one of the corporate cornerstones of the Globe brand. That attainability should apply to both price point and bike availability.

“Globe will harness the power of the Specialized ecosystem to provide everyday riders with the widest nationwide network of sales and service opportunities,” Specialized explains. “Globe will serve riders with a growing number of everyday high-performance EVs and the accessories that go with them.”

Specialized also specifically mentions a commitment to “lifetime value and affordability.” What it doesn’t mention is any model descriptions or specs, leaving those details for later this year when it will start taking orders.

The initial photo shows an absolute mule of a rig with a heavy-duty frame, fat tires, cargo buckets hanging off both sides of each wheel, a rear hub motor and a rather extensive selection of gears. Specialized also talks about moving “you, your family and your things,” so it’s clear that a good part of Globe’s focus, if not its entire focus, will be on cargo and utility bikes capable of transporting more than just the rider.

It’s hard to get too excited for a new ebike brand when, in place of a complete bike, most of what we see are fierce, flesh-hungry cacti (odd photo choice), but it’s easy enough to reimagine those buckets carrying groceries, tools, school books and supplies, sports gear, or whatever other large, hefty daily cargo one usually transports via car. Clamp a seat or two down on the rear rack, and it could easily drive the kids to school or daycare.

Specialized ultimately hopes Globe’s purpose-built product line, along with outside factors like the high cost of gasoline and desire to avoid traffic, will lead more people to choose ebike trips over motor vehicle trips … or perhaps even ebike ownership over motor vehicle ownership.

Globe products will be available exclusively in the US at launch, and Specialized plans to deliver the first products in early 2023. Those interested in updates can sign up at Specialized’s Globe page.

Source: Specialized

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