US mass shootings prompt development of Taser-wielding drone

The drone will be part of a system that also includes a network of security cameras, and VR training for first responders.  Axon

Ben Coxworth
2022 Jun 03

Axon, the Arizona-based firm that manufactures the Taser, announced its plans to develop the drone this Thursday (June 2nd).

Few details on the aircraft itself have been released at this point, other than the facts that it will be a remotely controlled quadcopter, equipped with one of the company’s drone-specific Axon Air video cameras and a miniaturized version of the Taser electroshock weapon.

The Taser works by firing two small darts, each of which remains connected to the main device by a thin wire. When those darts strike a person (such as an active shooter), they deliver an electric shock which disrupts the individual’s nervous system. Ideally, this just results in the person being temporarily incapacitated, although a number of Taser-related deaths certainly have been reported.

A miniaturized Taser is being developed for use in the drone
A miniaturized Taser is being developed for use in the drone.  Axon

The drone will be part of a larger system, which will also include a network of security cameras – in schools, businesses and other locations – along with a VR-based training program designed to teach first responders how to deal with active shooters. It is hoped that this combined approach could ultimately allow authorities to “stop mass shootings in less than 60 seconds.”

Project partners include Fusus, which is developing the camera network, along with DroneSense, which is working on the real-time drone control system.

Source: Axon


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