Robotic tank proves itself in successful live-fire test

The tank was composed of a Milrem module and a Kongsberg turret.  Milrem Robotics

David Szondy

Conducted in the second week in June, the successful live-fire exercise against static cars and armored vehicles is part of the Nordic Robotic Wingman (NRW) joint project being run by Milrem and Kongsberg with the aim of producing a battlefield robot that meets the requirements of NATO and the Nordic countries.

Operator's view of the robotic tank test

Operator’s view of the robotic tank test.  Milrem Robotics

The idea is to create a robotic vehicle that can support both Main Battle Tanks (MBT) and Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV) while providing equal and overmatching firepower and tactical capabilities to that of an IFV unit.

Though the test used a Bushmaster 30-mm gun with linkless ammunition feed, the Type-X can carry cannons up to 50 mm, as well as anti-tank missiles and a tethered drone for reconnaissance. The Milrem component is a propulsion and control module that incorporates artificial intelligence and is capable of autonomous waypoint navigation and obstacle detection. In addition, it has Indirect Drive, which provides better remote control at higher speeds.

The video below shows the live-fire exercise.


Source: Milrem Robotics

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