Jetson CEO takes his eVTOL on a commute to work

Jetson co-founder Tomasz Patan flies the Jetson One to work, hitting some impressive speeds on the way.  Jetson

Sweden’s Jetson One aircraft is pure simplicity: a coaxial octacopter with a seat and a roll cage and enough batteries for 20 minutes of agile, buzzy flight at speeds up to 63 mph (102 km/h). It’s got some limited autonomy capability; if you let go of the sticks it’ll hover in place, or find somewhere to land if the battery’s low, but really it’s designed to be flown for fun, with a joystick and a throttle.

The machine itself might not push too many boundaries technologically, but Jetson has done a great job of presenting the experience of eVTOL flight in its videos. And in a new one released today, the company claims it’s made “the world first eVTOL commute to work,” as Patan straps into the Jetson One, lifts off from his back yard, and flies the thing to a landing pad at work.

Now look, there’s no point pretending this looks anything like most folks’ commute. Patan’s home backs onto a broad paddock, perfect for taking off and landing in, with no close neighbors to annoy. From there, he flies straight over a lush forest area, then a small orchard, then he accelerates down a nicely mown valley, picking up what looks like some pretty serious speed, before following some power lines through some more forest and touching down on a concrete pad at work, which basically appears to be another house backing onto the wilderness.

And as to the claim of this being a world first… Well, maybe. eHang released a video of CEO Hu Huazhi flying to work three and a bit years ago, but the palatial building he took off from might not be his home, and you can just about see the takeoff and landing pads in the same follow drone shot, so they’re probably not much more than a few hundred meters apart. On the other hand, the eHang aircraft was flying autonomously – but on the other other hand, it was flying over relatively unpopulated areas itself.

Either way, Jetson’s run to work is a fun piece of video and worth a watch! Check it out below.

Jetson ONE – World’s First EVTOL Commute to Work

Source: Jetson Aero

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anthony88 So around 30 kilometres range? A swap-n-go battery standard might be the thing to develop for this type of vehicle. E-scooter companies in China do it and they’re talking about it in Japan for e-motorbikes. Standardisation might help to lower costs and hopefully doesn’t lead to a Betamax-VHS-style war.

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