2022 Urban Photo Award finalists celebrate the strange side of cities

Finalist, Streets. “The Last Giant of Hell”. México.  Antonio Flores View 14 Images

In its 13th year, the Urban Photo Awards continues to focus on the extraordinary sights of urban life. From big cities to small towns, the contest is a broad take on street photography, encompassing everything from portraits of people to massive architectural geometries.

Finalist, Creative. "Cat Look". Iran

Finalist, Creative. “Cat Look”. Iran.  ali zolghadri

This year the contest received around 10,000 entries from 2,800 photographers. There are four general categories: Streets, People, Spaces and Creative.

Finalist, Streets. "Dog Got Wings". Kolkata, India

Finalist, Streets. “Dog Got Wings”. Kolkata, India.  Subhran Karmakar

Finalist - Streets. "Legs". ItalyFinalist, Streets.  “Legs”.  Italy.  Andrea Finocchi

The Urban Photo Awards tends to highlight those wonderfully strange synchronicities that are a feature of great street photography. A bird flying past a dog captured perfectly in the moment making it seem like the dog has wings. A man praying by a riverbank with his head lowered just as a flock of birds fly in the background.

Finalist, Streets. "Ghat of Kolkata". IndiaFinalist, Streets. “Ghat of Kolkata”.  India.  Dipanjan Chakraborty

Finalist, Spaces. "Selinunte". Italy

Finalist, Spaces. “Selinunte”. Italy.  Enrico Nocito

These fantastic moments in time accompany other highlights from this year’s finalists, such as a striking juxtaposition of old and new, with piles of plastic chairs lining up against columns from an ancient monument.

The winners will be announced in late September as part of the Trieste Photo Days festival in Italia (Italy).

Finalist, Spaces. "Napoli, The Bronx". ItalyFinalist, Spaces.  “Napoli, The Bronx”. Italy.  Lucia Laura Esposto

Finalist, People. "Masked Women". Iran
Finalist, People.  “Masked Women”.  Iran.  Hadi Dehghanpour

Take a look through our gallery at more highlights from this year’s batch of finalists.

Source: Urban Photo Awards


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