Ruggedly avant garde teardrop trailer looks to right-size RV adventure

The Campinawe trailer breaks the teardrop into an abstract look.  Infusion Design.  View gallery – 18 images

With a portfolio of design work that included Learjet interiors and custom Airstream conversions, Infusion made a mission of designing the ultimate camping trailer for any and all adventures, from hunting and fishing, to kayaking and mountain biking, to basic off-grid living and escape. The trailer needed a comfortable living space, plenty of room for carrying gear, tools and accessories, and a rugged build for all weather and terrain.

Infusion put an emphasis on creativity in penning something vaguely reminiscent of a flat-sided polygonal teardrop in the vein of the Lumberjack Sheok and cladding it over with oddly shaped panels that create an artistically disjointed look. Even in today’s world of small trailers in every odd shape and style, the Campinawe trailer stands out as one of a kind.!/quality/90/?

Man and best friend’s favorite ride.  Infusion Design

Infusion then teamed with local Kansas City metro area trailer specialist Croft Trailer Supply to complete its trailer vision. Croft built up the powder-coated welded steel frame that raises the Campinawe’s uniquely shaped four-season sandwich body panels up off the ground. A Kynar-finished aluminum skin protects against weather and corrosion, while a 3,500-lb (1,588-kg) torsion axle cushioning 15-in steel wheels rolled in all-terrain tires makes road and trail negotiation as smooth as possible. The trailer offers 18 in (46 cm) of ground clearance.

Infusion outfits the 15-ft (4.6-m)-long Campinawe with something of a large teardrop floor plan constructed with standalone portable components. Instead of a deep galley with countertop and inbuilt appliances, Infusion carves out a shallower storage-loaded tailgate galley with flip-up and pull-out worktops, a portable Kovea butane stove, and a 38-L set of water canisters with powered sprayer and collapsible sink basin. The 311 liters of open cubby space keep all cooking tools, dishes, spices and dry foods readily accessible. Those cubbies are closed off by a combination of upper half-tailgate/canopy and lower cabinet door.!/quality/90/?

Fully loaded kitchen.  Infusion Design

As a larger teardrop-style trailer, the Campinawe offers a tall door and an entryway. A storage shelving unit directly across from the door houses the included portable toilet down low, leaving plenty of space for other belongs on bungee-secured upper shelves. To the left, the Yeti Tundra cooler sits against the rear wall with a fold-away bench seat over top. The bench flips out of the way for cooler access.

To the right of the doorway, a queen memory foam mattress offers a full 60 x 80 in (152 x 203 cm) of sleeping space for two occupants. The bed sits atop a steel box frame with loads of under-mattress storage accessed via a strut-assisted platform. Campers who require more sleeping berths can mount a rooftop tent on the available Rhino Rack rail and crossbar system.!/quality/90/?

The Campinawe interior includes a queen-size bed, storage cabinet and a bench seat over top the Yeti cooler.  Infusion Design

Instead of a hard-wired battery, Infusion continues with its light, flexible mentality in adding a portable Renogy 72-Ah power bank. The small battery pack includes a 12-V input to charge from the vehicle and multiple USB ports for charging gadgets or powering electronics. The trailer also has a 110-V hookup for plugging in at campgrounds.

Other standard Campinawe amenities include an outdoor privacy tent for showering and toilet use, LED lighting, Sunbrella fabric shades, a full-size underbody spare wheel, and a trash bag holder. The options list lets buyers add on a bike rack, an awning, air conditioning, a fold-out solar panel system and more.

The Campinawe trailer weighs 1,910 lb (866 kg) dry and offers a payload of 1,080 lb (490 kg). At 6.9 ft (2.1 m) high, the trailer is designed to slip under the typical 7- to 8-ft (2.1- to 2.4-m) garage door frame, storing comfortably inside the garage when not in use.!/quality/90/?

Plenty of fresh air outside and in.  Infusion Design

We’re on the fence about Infusion’s unconventional looks – they seem a bit style over practicality for us – but we like the layout of the trailer and think it finds a nice middle ground between tiny mattress-filled teardrops and larger, heavier small trailers with full dinettes and indoor bathrooms. We also like the simplicity and flexibility of the equipment.

That said, we had anticipated that simplicity leading to a lower price undercutting other teardrop trailers. But at US$29,395 to start, the Campinawe is more expensive than many existing small two-plus-person camping trailers, including some with more interior amenities.

Infusion launched the Campinawe in 2021 and takes care of manufacturing. Croft handles sales and service, in addition to chassis supply.

Source: Infusion Design

View gallery – 18 images

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