SmallRig P20 steadies smartphone videography, folds into a capsule

The SmallRig P20 is presently on Kickstarter.  SmallRig

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the aluminum-bodied P20 features rubberized hand grips on either side – for more stable two-handed shooting – along with a spring-loaded adjustable-size smartphone bracket in the middle. According to the designers, it accommodates any phone no wider than 4 inches (102 mm).

The bracket can be swiveled relative to the rig’s main body for either horizontal or vertical shooting, plus the P20 can be held with the phone either hanging below it or extending above it, as the situation dictates.

A threaded hole in the center of the rig allows it to be mounted on a third-party tripod. Additionally, fold-out cold shoes at either end can be utilized to attach accessories such as lights and shotgun microphones.

The SmallRig P20, all folded down.  SmallRig

And as mentioned, the whole thing folds down into a capsule-shaped pocketable package for storage and transit. It measures 183 x 50 x 25 mm (7.2 x 2 x 1 inches) in that configuration, and reportedly tips the scales at 300 g (10.5 oz).

Assuming the SmallRig P20 reaches production, a pledge of US$24 will get you one of your own – the planned retail price is $50. It’s demonstrated in the following video.

SmallRig P20, Foldable Smartphone Rig System for Creators project video thumbnailSmallRig P20, Foldable Smartphone Rig System for Creators

Source: Kickstarter

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