Is ice-cream good for you? Scientists divided on claims about health benefits

Suggestions in the US that eating the dessert can be beneficial have been greeted by a ripple of skepticism from British experts.

The familiar sight of people queuing up for an ice-cream in the Summer. Photograph: Chas Breton/Shutterstock

He said: “The problem ultimately is that we try to link a health effect or benefit to a single food, when in reality we eat a variety of foods, and it is our whole dietary pattern that counts.”

Mellor did concede, however, that ice-cream “may contain some nutrients which could be beneficial” such as calcium, and that it had a low glycaemic index, but that this was is likely to be outweighed by its sugar and calorie content.

“So, overall we should not be considering ice-cream as a health food, only something which can be enjoyed in small amounts as part of an overall health dietary pattern,” he said.

The Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England declined to comment.


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