Ecocapsule hatches next generation egg-shaped tiny house

The Ecocapsule NextGen is planned for production in mid-2024.  Ecocapsule. View gallery – 10 images

Adam Williams

The Ecocapsule NextGen’s length will be increased from 4.67 m (15 ft) to 5.2 m (17 ft), making it significantly larger than the original model, though, to be clear, this thing is still very small and makes most tiny houses look spacious in comparison.

Its original gull-wing door has also been ditched in favor of a more typical double glass door, which will help open up the dwelling to the outside while being much simpler to manufacture. Like the previous Ecocapsule, it won’t have integrated wheels but can instead be transported by truck, trailer and container.

Inside, the Ecocapsule NextGen will have a slightly rearranged interior allowing for more storage space and will sport an extra window. It will consist of a living area with a sofa that pulls out into a double bed, plus a table that stows away. Nearby will be a very small kitchen area and a bathroom.

The Ecocapsule NextGen will contain a newly designed interior with improved furniture and additional storage space available.  Ecocapsule

Some other tweaks have been made on the manufacturing side to ensure the model is easier and quicker to assemble too, and Ecocapsule expects to be able to increase production from two units to eight, per month. Additionally, we’ve no figures yet, but the solar panel array will be larger, ensuring it has more power to run off-the-grid, alongside a wind turbine and battery system.

The changes planned for the Ecocapsule NextGen are based on feedback gained from customers after selling out of the previous Ecocapsule model.

The Ecocapsule NextGen is designed to operate off the grid.  Ecocapsule

“We are excited that Ecocapsule has attracted many customers, and, thanks to their feedback, we have the opportunity to work on an improved generation and stay ahead of the competition,” said co-founder of Ecocapsule, architect Tomáš Žáček. “The most significant change in the product design will be the installation of a large panoramic window, which will bring people even closer to nature.”

The Ecocapsule NextGen is expected to begin production in mid-2024, though we’ve no word yet on its expected cost or delivery date.

Source: Ecocapsule  View gallery – 10 images

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