Unitree B2 quadruped robot is better, stronger and faster

The Unitree B2 quadruped robot is claimed to tip the scales at about 60 kg (132 lb).  Unitree Robotics

Like the B1 that came before it (and which is still available), the B2 is designed for applications such as industrial automation, inspection, emergency rescue and security patrolling, along with robotics education and research.

The robot utilizes a combination of two HD optical cameras, two depth-sensing cameras and a LiDAR module to sense its surroundings, allowing it to autonomously make its way across rugged, uneven terrain.

That said, at a running speed of 6 meters (19.7 ft) per second, the B2 is considerably faster than the B1. In fact, Unitree claims that it’s “the fastest known industrial-grade quadruped robot on the market.” The bot can also jump a horizontal distance of 1.6 m (5.2 ft), and step over obstacles up to 40 cm (15.7 in) in height.

Additionally, whereas the B1 can carry a load of up to 20 kg (44 lb) when walking, the B2 can manage 40 kg (88 lb) – it’s capable of supporting up to 120 kg (265 lb) when standing still.

What’s more, while the B1 can walk without a payload for approximately two hours, the B2 can walk unloaded for five hours per charge of its swappable 45-Ah/2,250-Wh lithium battery. Even when carrying a load weighing 20 kg, it should reportedly still be good for over four hours of walking.

Finally, the B2’s leg joint actuators deliver 170% more torque (360 Nm/266 lb ft) than those of the B1. Unitree says this improvement provides the robot with greater flexibility and stability for industrial operations.

You can see the Unitree B2 climbing stairs, resisting being kicked over and performing other quadrupedal feats in the video below.

Unitree Released B2 | Beyond the Limit | Hyperevolution  Source: Unitree Robotics

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