Anger, sadness, boredom, anxiety – emotions that feel bad can be useful

By Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Texas A&M University
Published: 2024 Feb 08

Remember the sadness that came with the last time you failed miserably at something? Or the last time you were so anxious about an upcoming event that you couldn’t concentrate for days?

  1. Thomas Kelly

    logged in via Google

    As long as we assume we cannot and should not expect or attempt to be peaceful at all times, I believe that “the peace which passes all understanding” can still come upon us and that, when it has done so, we may choose to attempt to recreate that peace at all times, not least in the hope that only?) by doing so we can most powerfully be and help deliver “the change we wish to see” in our worlds.

    I think all emotions, even the seemingly positive ones, carry negativity, and can pollute or contaminate our worlds, but that our innate, natural, shared, limitless, pure peace, joy and loving presence carry no negative charge, are priceless and only increase by being shared.

    For me, good, healthy anger, “righteous indignation,” frustration, impatience etc. etc…are the ones I may one day have finally put behind me and that, hopefully, have no more to teach me.

    That day may be far, far, FAR faraway, but who’s to say?!

    Thanks a million for a very thought provoking essay!



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  2. John Green

    Personally I’ve experienced both indulging in being and becoming consumed by my minds fearful and anxious thoughts, angry and emotional responses, and feelings of guilt, self judgment and self recriminations. And I’ve experienced allowing my mind to think, feel and believe whatever my mind chooses to think, feel, and believe whilst I personally choose to Accept what actually is,, Trust what will be without the need to think about what will be, and be very very Grateful for everything.

    For me life has been sooooo much happier and much much more peaceful since I began to Accept, Trust and feel Gratitude than when I was allowing myself to become consumed by minds Fearful, Anxious, Angry and Guilty thoughts and feelings. I’m not responsible for whatever my mind chooses to think, feel or fear , that’s my minds business and absolutely none of my business, and I now accept its extremely rude to stick my nose in business that’s most definitely none of my business.

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