All-terrain teardrop micro-camper preps meals over Maxtrax boards

The Dropy camper launched last fall and is available now with many different options.  Drop Campers.  View 16 Images

Thanks to a thick coat of Line-X protective liner, Drop Camper’s original Dropland teardrop trailer has always looked like a hardcore, no-nonsense mobile abode for mountain and trail. And though the new 13-ft (4-m) Dropy is actually the less extreme of the two – more a crossover to the Dropland’s 4×4 – the Dropy takes those rugged looks a step further with a more squared-off polygonal shape.

Somewhere between a teardrop and a squaredrop, the Drop Campers Dropy trailer has a unique shape and layout.  Drop Campers

Like the Dropland, the Dropy’s aluminum composite-skinned birch body is finished in rugged Line-X and insulated with Kaiflex closed-cell rubber. It rides on a welded galvanized steel chassis with torsion bar axle. Drop also offers leaf spring and independent suspension options for cushioning the standard all-road/all-season tires or optional BFGoodrich KO2 mud-terrains.

The nontraditional kitchen setup is what really caught our eye about the Dropy. The galley is still located in the rear but instead of a recessed kitchen inside a tailgate, the Dropy relies on a two-part convertible kitchen. The bright-orange traction boards at the rear are mounted to an available fold-down tabletop that creates food prep and work space next to the side slide-out with stove and collapsible sink basin. A piped faucet hooks up to the available Yakima RoadShower overhead to supply fresh water at the sink.

With a little less dedicated space than the typical tailgate galley, the Dropy’s expandable kitchen offers everything you need to make a meal.  Drop Campers

This multifunctional kitchen area not only saves space, it also adds a little versatility. The fold-down worktop can be used as a workbench as well as a kitchen, useful for tasks like repairing bike components or filling water bottles. It’s also a handy side table for use when sitting or hanging out just outside the trailer.

Inside, between its left and right entry doors, the Dropy features a simple but complete layout with a 53 x 78-in (135 x 197-cm) double foam mattress, storage cubbies and overhead cabinetry, a full-width shelf and gooseneck lights. A skylight overhead provides views above. A 100-Ah AGM battery is available for powering up the lighting and outlets, and buyers can also upgrade to a lithium battery.

Inside the Drop Campers Dropy trailer.  Drop Campers

Drop Campers offers a long list of additional options that starts with “all road,” “all-terrain” and “off-road” build specs. Other boxes available to check include solar charging, an Indel compressor fridge, interior diesel heat, a Primus dual-burner stove, a Cadac BBQ, water and fuel jerry cans, and various gear carrier solutions.

Drop Campers introduced the Dropy as its second model last October at the Barcelona International Caravanning Show, and prices start at €21,500 (aprox. US$23,500). Given the many a la carte options with individual prices, we submitted a request for a quote on a model specked closely to the one in photos. The top-tier off-road package with independent suspension, 100-Ah battery, single-burner portable stove, two collapsible sink basins, 25-L cooler bag, 5-L folding water container and skylight hatch window starts at €26,500 ($29,000). On top of that, the options package with roof rack, underbody skid protection, roof-mounted water tank and tap system, dual-burner stove upgrade, 30-L Indel fridge and front storage box, drop-down table with traction board mounts, air heating and solar charging brought the trailer quote up to €35,510 ($38,825) before VAT.

The available aluminum front storage box stores the optional fridge.  Drop Campers

Drop builds its campers at its Barcelona HQ and currently lists Dropy lead time at three to four months. It also rents out trailers from the same Barcelona facility, as well as several other camper rental locations around Spain.

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